Main Football Championships 2024: How to Watch Online!

Main Football Championships 2024: How to Watch Online!



Football guys, the year 2024 promises to be sensational, with a ton of options to closely follow the most significant regional, national and international championships.

From Brasileirão to Libertadores, passing through the Champions League and other tournaments, the world of football is about to catch fire and promises to be unmissable.


Let’s check out where you can follow all this excitement throughout the year!

Brasileirão: The Brazilian National League

The Brasileirão, also known as Campeonato Brasileiro Série A, is the top-tier football league in Brazil and commands significant global prestige. It continues to attract a massive following owing to its high-quality football and competitive nature.


Brasileirão: The Brazilian National League
Image: Rádio Tropical FM 97.7

Football enthusiasts can immerse themselves in the excitement of live and on-demand Brasileirão matches through widely accessible streaming platforms like Fanatiz, ViX, and Paramount+.

Notably, Paramount+ offers a compelling option for fans in the US, providing live streaming and on-demand access to all the games, ensuring a seamless viewing experience for enthusiasts across the globe.

Libertadores and Other Regional Championships

When it comes to experiencing the electrifying matches of the Copa Libertadores and other regional championships such as Carioca, Copa do Brasil, and Supercopa do Brasil, streaming platforms emerge as the primary sources for live coverage.

Fans can rely on platforms like Fanatiz, ViX, and Paramount+ to ensure they never miss a single moment of these thrilling competitions, staying plugged into the exhilarating world of South American football.

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International Competitions: Copa América and Eurocup

The year 2024 promises a captivating array of international competitions, including the highly anticipated Copa América and Eurocup.

Football enthusiasts can stay abreast of all the action by tuning in to popular sports networks and streaming services, guaranteeing they remain fully engaged with these prestigious international tournaments.

With the global football stage set to showcase the best talent and fierce competition, fans are in for a year of unparalleled excitement and unmissable moments.

Other Exciting Football Tournaments

In addition to Brasileirão and Libertadores, there are several other captivating football tournaments to look out for in 2024:

Streaming Platforms and Coverage for Watching Football Championships in 2024

Expanding on the existing streaming options, here are platforms for football enthusiasts to catch the thrilling action of the Brasileirão, Libertadores, and other major football championships in 2024:


  • Coverage: Streams all Brasileirão games live and on-demand, providing a convenient option for US fans.
  • Availability: Offers a range of subscription packages to cater to diverse viewing preferences.

Sling TV

  • Coverage: Broadcasting network for beIN SPORTS and beIN SPORTS en Español, offering exclusive rights to Copa Libertadores and other international competitions.
  • Availability: Provides multiple subscription options with varying channel lineups, including sports-centric packages to enhance the viewing experience.
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  • Coverage: Streams a wide range of international and regional football tournaments, including Euro 2024, Copa Libertadores, Ligue 1, Copa Sudamericana, and Brasileirão.
  • Benefits: Offers a comprehensive sports package with access to over 200 channels, making it an ideal choice for dedicated soccer fans.
  • Pricing: Provides different subscription plans, including a 7-day free trial for new users.

NordVPN (for International Viewers)

  • Usage: Enables international viewers to bypass location restrictions and access streaming platforms in licensed countries for live coverage of football championships.
  • Benefits: Offers a secure and reliable VPN service, ensuring uninterrupted access to regional and international football tournaments.

Fanatiz (for Copa Libertadores)

  • Streaming: Provides live and on-demand coverage of Copa Libertadores, catering to fans in the US and other regions.
  • Accessibility: Offers a convenient streaming experience for football enthusiasts to enjoy the intense matches of Copa Libertadores.


  • Coverage: Offers Spanish-language streaming service that will show every game of Euro 2024 live behind their streaming paywall. A small number of select matches are also expected to be shown on the three Spanish-language TV networks.
  • Accessibility: Provides apps for smart TVs, streaming devices such as Roku, and mobile devices, as well as desktop browser-based platforms on Mac and PC, ensuring a variety of ways to watch all the big games.
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With these streaming platforms, football fans can explore a broader range of options to ensure they don’t miss out on any thrilling moments from the Brasileirão, Libertadores, Euro 2024, and other prestigious football championships in 2024.

Streaming Platforms and Coverage for Watching Football Championships in 2024
Image: CNN


In 2024, football enthusiasts can look forward to a thrilling lineup of regional, national, and international championships. With streaming platforms like Fanatiz, ViX, and Paramount+, fans can ensure they never miss a moment of the exhilarating football action.

Whether it’s Brasileirão, Libertadores, Copa América, Eurocup, or other prestigious tournaments, there are ample options to stay connected to the pulse of football, making 2024 an unmissable year for football lovers.