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How to watch La Liga games live in the 2023-24 season



Immersing oneself in the electrifying world of La Liga isn’t just about football—it’s an emotional journey that transcends boundaries.

The 2023-24 season promises unparalleled excitement, not just for avid fans nestled in the heart of Spain, but for enthusiasts across the globe.


What sets this season apart isn’t just the thrilling matches between football giants; it’s the newfound accessibility that allows anyone, from any corner of the world, to partake in the fervor and passion of Spanish football.

This season, the fervent clashes between historic clubs and the emergence of new talents aren’t confined to stadiums; they unfold on screens, connecting fans worldwide in a shared celebration of the beautiful game


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Watch la liga Games: Streaming

The exhilarating matches of La Liga are aired across ESPN, ESPN 2, ESPN+, and ABC.

Additionally, for Spanish-speaking viewers, ESPN Deportes offers comprehensive coverage with Spanish language commentary.

To immerse yourself in the live La Liga experience, finding a streaming platform that includes ESPN in its lineup is essential.

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Streaming Options:


Looking for the easiest and most reliable way to catch every thrilling moment of La Liga live? ESPN+ stands out as the premier option.

Subscribing to ESPN+ not only grants access to Spanish soccer but also unlocks a treasure trove of football content, including the English Football League, FA Cup, EFL Cup, Germany’s Bundesliga, and the Dutch Eredivisie. All this comes at an incredibly affordable price of just $9.99 per month.

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ESPN’s subscription allows seamless access to La Liga games via the app, compatible with various streaming devices and Smart TVs. Whether you’re at home or on the move, this subscription ensures you never miss a beat, offering an extensive array of games to watch and enjoy.

Fubo TV:

FuboTV, a comprehensive streaming service, presents an extensive channel lineup, boasting hundreds of options, especially in the realm of sports. Their Pro package, priced at $74.99, stands as their most affordable subscription tier, granting access to live stream La Liga matches through ESPN’s channels.

Beyond La Liga, fuboTV offers a rich assortment of channels showcasing top-tier soccer leagues like Serie A, MLS, and the English Premier League. This expansive selection truly encapsulates the pinnacle of the soccer world, ensuring a diverse and enriching sports viewing experience.


DirecTV presents a package akin to fuboTV, featuring an extensive array of channels, inclusive of ESPN, within their Choice package priced at $89.99 per month. This subscription tier offers a substantial variety of sports content.

Additionally, DirecTV provides higher-tier options like Ultimate or Premier, priced above $100 per month, which expand your sports viewing repertoire.

Opting for these premium packages opens doors to prestigious tournaments like the UEFA Champions League, where perennial contenders like Real Madrid and Barcelona perennially vie for glory each season. DirecTV’s varied subscription tiers cater to diverse preferences, ensuring access to a wide spectrum of sports entertainment.

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Hulu + Live TV:

Hulu stands as one among several streaming services that offer ESPN, providing access to their comprehensive coverage of the La Liga season.

With Hulu, subscribers not only gain ESPN but also unlock access to CBS and Fox Sports, broadening the spectrum of soccer leagues available, including the prestigious UEFA Champions League.

This diverse lineup offers a fantastic array of world-class soccer entertainment at a subscription price of $69.99 per month. However, it’s noteworthy that this package comes at a higher cost compared to ESPN+ alone.

Sling TV:

Sling TV presents an alternative platform for streaming LaLiga matches.

Similar to its counterparts, Sling TV offers a variety of subscription packages. For La Liga enthusiasts, opting for the Sling TV Orange package is crucial, distinguishing it from the Blue package.

At present, prices for the Sling TV Orange package fall within the range of $40-45.

Beyond live La Liga coverage, Sling TV boasts an array of sports content and diverse soccer leagues. Detailed information regarding the offerings included in a Sling TV subscription can be found below.

Summing Up & FAQs

  • For Dedicated La Liga Fans: If your primary focus is following a Spanish soccer team, ESPN+ is an excellent, budget-friendly choice. It offers a great selection of live streaming and on-demand content specifically tailored to La Liga.
  • Expanding Beyond Soccer: If you seek a broader range of content beyond ESPN’s offerings, considering services like Hulu+ Live TV or fuboTV might be a more cost-effective option. These platforms not only cover La Liga but also provide additional entertainment and movie options.
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Can I watch La Liga matches without cable TV?

Absolutely. With the ESPN+ app, streaming La Liga becomes effortless. Simply download the app, log in to your account, and you’ll have access to watch La Liga matches live or on-demand.

What are the biggest La Liga matches?

The clashes between Real Madrid and Barcelona consistently stand as the biggest events in La Liga. The Madrid derby between Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid also holds significant weight in the league’s calendar.

Not to be overlooked are intense matchups like the Seville derby between Sevilla and Real Betis or the Basque derby between Athletic Club and Real Sociedad, known for their heightened intensity.

Which team has the most La Liga titles?

Barcelona and Real Madrid reign as the most successful teams in La Liga’s history. Real Madrid leads the pack with a record number of titles in the mid-30s, followed closely by Barcelona. Atletico Madrid boasts double-digit titles, while Athletic Bilbao and Valencia have secured several titles each.

TeamNo. of titles
Real Madrid35
Atletico Madrid11
Athletic Bilbao8
Real Sociedad2
Deportivo La Coruna / Sevilla / Real Betis1