South American Cup 2024: How to Watch Live, Best Broadcast!

South American Cup 2024: How to Watch Live, Best Broadcast!



The South American Cup is one of the most anticipated sporting events on the continent, bringing together teams from all over South America in an exciting competition full of talent.

With technology constantly advancing, football fans now have more options than ever to follow games, no matter where they are.


In this article, we will explore the different ways you can watch the Copa Sul Americana 2024 from anywhere, ensuring you don’t miss any exciting action.

Copa Sudamericana 2024:


  • Participants: 56 clubs from the ten South American football associations.
  • Period: From March 5th to November 23rd, 2024.
  • First Phase: Played by 32 teams from Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela, in single-game national knockout matches, with a penalty shootout in the event of a draw.
  • First Phase Draw: Held on December 19, 2023, with 16 keys defined.
  • Qualification: 44 places distributed through national championships, with 12 direct places for the group stage and 32 for the first phase.
  • Group Stage: A new draw will be held in 2024, with teams divided into eight groups of four teams each.
  • Advanced Teams from the First Phase: The 16 winning teams from the first phase will join the group stage.
Image: Torcedores

Online Streaming to follow the Copa Sudamericana games

With the popularization of streaming services, watching live sporting events has become more accessible. Many channels and platforms offer broadcasts of Copa Sudamericana games, allowing fans to enjoy the action in real time, regardless of location.

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Some of the most popular streaming services that can stream the games include:


ESPN+ offers a wide range of sporting events, including the Copa Sul Americana. With a subscription, fans can access live streaming of games, as well as watch replays and highlights.

Fox Sports

Fox Sports is also a viable option for watching Copa Sudamericana games, with comprehensive coverage of the tournament, allowing subscribers to follow the matches in high definition, whether at home or on the go.

YouTube TV, Sling TV, Hulu + Live TV

These platforms offer subscription packages that include sports channels such as ESPN and Fox Sports, providing users with the opportunity to watch Copa Sul Americana games on compatible devices such as smartphones, tablets or smart TVs.

Specific Channels

In addition to streaming services, specific channels also offer broadcasts of the Copa Sul Americana:


ESPN do Brasil promises to broadcast the entire championship, available on the best pay TVs in Brazil and on its own digital platforms, including a web version and an efficient application. A subscription is required to watch ESPN.


The Star+ platform encompasses ESPN content, allowing subscribers to watch Copa Sul Americana games live. It is available via subscription, with interesting combos with Disney+ and discounts for customers of some banks, Mercado Livre, and others.

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Paramount secured the broadcast rights to the Copa Sul Americana for its subscribers, providing the opportunity to watch the games live online. Paramount’s subscription is affordable and offers an extensive collection of films and series to subscribers.

beIN Sport

beIN Sport offers broadcast of the Copa Sul Americana in several countries, but it is not yet available in Brazil.


Mola TV, a streaming giant based in Indonesia, has the rights to broadcast the Copa Sudamericana in Italy. However, due to geographic restriction, the broadcast is only accessible to viewers within the country.

These options offer football fans a wide range of choices to follow the exciting Copa Sul Americana 2024, regardless of where they are located.

Mobile Apps

With the proliferation of mobile devices, specialized live streaming apps have become the preferred choice for many fans.

Many sports channels and streaming services offer dedicated apps that allow users to watch Copa Sudamericana games on the go. Some of the popular apps include:

ESPN App: With the ESPN app, fans can watch Copa Sul Americana games on their smartphones or tablets, ensuring they don’t miss any of the action, regardless of their location.

Android | iOS

Fox Sports App: The Fox Sports app offers live streaming of games, exclusive content and in-depth analysis, all in the palm of your hand.

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Android | iOS

Unblocking Access: VPNs to Watch the South American Cup Anywhere

For fans in regions where access to streaming and live streaming services may be limited, a VPN could be the solution.

A VPN allows users to change their virtual location, thereby unlocking access to services that may not be available in their region.

Image: Esportes Brasília

With a reliable VPN, fans can bypass geographic restrictions and watch Copa Sudamericana games from anywhere in the world.

VPN options:

  • ExpressVPN: Recognized for its high speed and security, ExpressVPN offers servers in multiple locations around the world, allowing users to access globally restricted content.
  • NordVPN: Known for its strong cybersecurity, NordVPN has a large global server network to help users bypass geographic restrictions and maintain privacy online.
  • CyberGhost VPN: With a user-friendly interface, CyberGhost VPN offers servers optimized for streaming, ensuring users can enjoy blocked content anywhere.


With online streaming options, mobile apps and the use of VPNs, football fans have a variety of ways to watch the Copa Sul Americana 2024 from anywhere.

Regardless of where you are, the emotion and intensity of the games can be just a click away, allowing fans to experience every crucial moment of the tournament.

So, get ready to support your favorite team and enjoy all the Copa Sul Americana action, wherever you are!