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Stephen Curry Leads Warriors to Victory Over Celtics in Overtime Thriller, Scoring 33 Points



In a high-stakes showdown that saw the Golden State Warriors facing off against the Celtics, Stephen Curry’s sensational performance guided his team to a breathtaking 132-126 overtime victory.

Curry’s game-winning 3-pointer, a signature move straight out of his practice routines, sent the ball soaring through the net with just 12 seconds left in overtime. His exceptional 33-point performance not only thrilled fans but also shattered Boston’s five-game winning streak.


Coach Steve Kerr was in awe of Curry’s magic on the court, praising his unbelievable catch-and-shoot prowess, stating, “The guy’s magical. I can’t explain it. That’s just the kind of stuff he does.”

The game witnessed remarkable moments, including Jonathan Kuminga’s crucial steal leading to a pivotal dunk and the Warriors capitalizing on missed opportunities by Boston in the clutch moments.


Klay Thompson’s impactful 24-point contribution, along with Curry’s stellar shooting with six 3-pointers, solidified the Warriors’ resilience. Thompson’s 3-pointer marked a significant milestone as he surpassed Vince Carter for eighth place on the NBA’s all-time list, adding to the night’s historic elements.

Despite some fouls and injury concerns, Curry’s remarkable performance and Thompson’s milestone-setting shot selection significantly influenced the Warriors’ game dynamics.

The final minutes of overtime saw pivotal chances slip away, leaving both teams ruing missed opportunities.

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In a standout performance for Boston, Jaylen Brown commanded the court with a formidable 28-point contribution, complemented by Derrick White’s impressive 30-point display, marking the Celtics’ second loss in their past 10 games.

Adding to the Celtics’ efforts, Jayson Tatum showcased his versatility, tallying 15 points, eight rebounds, and seven assists, marking the beginning of a challenging four-game trip for the team in California.

Amidst adversity, Boston faced a concerning moment when their star forward limped to the locker room nursing a left ankle injury at the 7:45 mark of the first quarter.

However, his swift return to the bench after a brief absence and subsequent reappearance on the court in the second quarter provided a positive note on a night when the Celtics’ towering 7-foot-3 player, Kristaps Porzingis, rested due to a strained left calf.

Klay Thompson’s impactful performance was pivotal for the Warriors, culminating in a 24-point display. His defining moment came with a clutch 3-pointer that narrowed the gap to 114-110, altering the game’s dynamics in the fourth quarter.

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Thompson’s recent performances, notably shooting 36 of 71 over the past four games, showcased a stark shift since his earlier game on December 12 at Phoenix, where he was limited to seven points on a 2-for-10 shooting record.

Coach Kerr commended Thompson’s transformative effect on the team, particularly noting the impact of his revised shot selection in the recent games.

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Thompson’s momentous achievement in surpassing Vince Carter for eighth place on the NBA’s all-time list of 3-pointers, marked by his 2,291st career 3-pointer at the 4:46 mark of the first quarter, further solidified his influence on the Warriors’ game dynamics.

The Warriors’ victory was not without hurdles, as they faced challenges with injuries, including rookie guard Brandin Podziemski’s absence due to a strained lower back.

However, the team’s resilience, coupled with contributions from Andrew Wiggins and Chris Paul, who battled illness but made impactful plays off the bench, proved crucial in securing the thrilling overtime win.