Watch the AFCON 2024 Online: Best Live Stream!

Watch the AFCON 2024 Online: Best Live Stream!



Can you think of a party like that in the world of football? The African Cup of Nations (AFCON, CAM) is exactly that! It’s like a magnet that attracts fans from all corners of the planet.

The last edition in 2023 was pure adrenaline, with breathtaking games and Senegal winning the title over Egypt in the final. Now, everyone is already looking forward to what’s to come in the next edition.


Call here and I’ll give you the mine map so you don’t miss a thing, and the best part is that you don’t have to be tied to cable TV.

How to watch AFCON matches live

Gone are the days when cable subscriptions were prerequisites for catching live sports events. With the rise of streaming services, fans now have more flexibility in accessing their favorite matches.


How to watch AFCON matches live
Image: Matthew Tegha Blog

For AFCON 2024, viewers have several options:

  1. Fubo: Renowned as the ultimate destination for soccer aficionados, Fubo offers comprehensive coverage of AFCON with over 150 channels, including multiple beIN Sports and TUDN channels. The service provides a free trial for those eager to dive into the action.
  2. Sling TV: Offering the Sports Extra add-on to its Orange or Blue plans, Sling TV grants access to beIN Sports and an array of other channels. With a current offer of 50% off, it presents an enticing option for budget-conscious fans.
  3. Vidgo: While Vidgo’s Premium plan comes at a higher price point, it offers access to beIN Sports alongside a plethora of news and rural-focused content. Interested viewers can explore the service with a one-month trial priced at $20.
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The AFCON Experience: Where Football and Culture Collide

Alright, folks, let’s talk AFCON – it ain’t just your regular football tournament; it’s a whole vibe celebrating the best of football skills and cultural richness.

Every edition of AFCON brings out the big guns as teams battle it out for continental bragging rights, putting their skills and grit on display for the world to see.

Qualifying and How It Goes Down

Now, getting to AFCON ain’t a walk in the park. We’re talking about some intense qualifying matches involving all those CAF member nations.

Out of a whopping 52 teams duking it out in the 2021 edition, only 24 champs made it through to the final showdown.

The format? Well, it’s like a mini World Cup, with 24 countries split into six groups of four teams each, fighting tooth and nail to advance to the knockout stages.

Summer Lovin’: Changing Things Up

So, here’s the scoop: AFCON’s making a major shift from its traditional winter slot to a summer schedule. Why? To sync up better with the global football calendar and avoid stepping on the toes of European club seasons.

This move ain’t just about convenience – it’s about elevating the tournament’s status, making it more accessible to fans worldwide, and giving players and clubs some breathing room to work their magic. So, get ready for some scorching summer football action!

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AFCON 2024: The Schedule Unveiled

The eagerly awaited AFCON 2024 kicked off on Jan 15, 2024, with Ivory Coast serving as the host nation. The group stage witnessed thrilling encounters, setting the stage for a riveting knockout phase and culminating in the grand final on Feb 11, 2024.

AFCON 2024: The Schedule Unveiled
Image: Kuddysportstv

AFCON 2024 Group Stage

Group A

DateTime (ET)TeamsLocation
Jan 133:00 pmIvory Coast (2) vs Guinea-Bissau (0)Alassane Ouattara Stadium
Jan 149:00 amNigeria (1) vs Equatorial Guinea (1)Alassane Ouattara Stadium
Jan 189:00 amEquatorial Guinea (4) vs Guinea-Bissau (2)Alassane Ouattara Stadium
Jan 1812:00 pmIvory Coast (0) vs Nigeria (1)Alassane Ouattara Stadium
Jan 2212:00 pmEquatorial Guinea (4) vs Ivory Coast (0)Alassane Ouattara Stadium
Jan 2212:00 pmGuinea-Bissau (0) vs Nigeria (1)Felix Houphouet Boigny Stadium

Group B

DateTime (ET)TeamsLocation
Jan 1412:00 pmEgypt (2) vs Mozambique (2)Felix Houphouet Boigny Stadium
Jan 143:00 pmGhana (1) vs Cape Verde (2)Felix Houphouet Boigny Stadium
Jan 183:00 pmEgypt (2) vs Ghana (2)Felix Houphouet Boigny Stadium
Jan 199:00 amCape Verde (3) vs Mozambique (0)Felix Houphouet Boigny Stadium
Jan 223:00 pmMozambique (2) vs Ghana (2)Alassane Ouattara Stadium
Jan 223:00 pmCape Verde (2) vs Egypt (2)Felix Houphouet Boigny Stadium

Group C

DateTime (ET)TeamsLocation
Jan 159:00 amSenegal (3) vs Gambia (0)Charles Konan Banny Stadium
Jan 1512:00 pmCameroon (1) vs Guinea (1)Charles Konan Banny Stadium
Jan 1912:00 pmSenegal (3) vs Cameroon (1)Charles Konan Banny Stadium
Jan 193:00 pmGuinea (1) vs Gambia (0)Charles Konan Banny Stadium
Jan 2312:00 pmGuinea (0) vs Senegal (2)Charles Konan Banny Stadium
Jan 2312:00 pmGambia (2) vs Cameroon (3)Stade de la Paix

Group D

DateTime (ET)TeamsLocation
Jan 153:00 pmAlgeria (1) vs Angola (1)Stade de la Paix
Jan 169:00 amBurkina Faso (1) vs Mauritania (0)Stade de la Paix
Jan 209:00 amAlgeria (2) vs Burkina Faso (2)Stade de la Paix
Jan 2012:00 pmMauritania (2) vs Angola (3)Stade de la Paix
Jan 233:00 pmAngola (2) vs Burkina Faso (0)Charles Konan Banny Stadium
Jan 233:00 pmMauritania (1) vs Algeria (0)Stade de la Paix

Group E

DateTime (ET)TeamsLocation
Jan 1612:00 pmTunisia (0) vs Namibia (1)Amadou Gon Coulibaly Stadium
Jan 163:00 pmMali (2) vs South Africa (0)Amadou Gon Coulibaly Stadium
Jan 203:00 pmTunisia (1) vs Mali (1)Amadou Gon Coulibaly Stadium
Jan 213:00 pmSouth Africa (4) vs Namibia (0)Amadou Gon Coulibaly Stadium
Jan 2412:00 pmSouth Africa (0) vs Tunisia (0)Amadou Gon Coulibaly Stadium
Jan 2412:00 pmNamibia (0) vs Mali (0)Laurent Pokou Stadium

Group F

DateTime (ET)TeamsLocation
Jan 1712:00 pmMorocco (3) vs Tanzania (0)Laurent Pokou Stadium
Jan 173:00 pmDR Congo (1) vs Zambia (1)Laurent Pokou Stadium
Jan 219:00 amMorocco (1) vs DR Congo (1)Laurent Pokou Stadium
Jan 2112:00 pmZambia (1) vs Tanzania (1)Laurent Pokou Stadium
Jan 243:00 pmTanzania (0) vs DR Congo (0)Amadou Gon Coulibaly Stadium
Jan 243:00 pmZambia (0) vs Morocco (1)Laurent Pokou Stadium

Knockout Round

MatchDateTime (ET)TeamsStadium
1Jan 2712:00 pmAngola vs NamibiaStade de la Paix
2Jan 273:00 pmNigeria vs CameroonFelix Houphouet Boigny Stadium
3Jan 2812:00 pmEquatorial Guinea vs GuineaAlassane Ouattara Stadium
4Jan 283:00 pmEgypt vs DR CongoLaurent Pokou Stadium
5Jan 2912:00 pmCape Verde vs MauritaniaFelix Houphouet Boigny Stadium
6Jan 293:00 pmSenegal vs Ivory CoastCharles Konan Banny Stadium
7Jan 3012:00 pmMali vs Burkina FasoAmadou Gon Coulibaly Stadium
8Jan 303:00 pmMorocco vs South AfricaLaurent Pokou Stadium


MatchDateTime (ET)TeamsStadium
Q1Feb 212:00 pmWinner 2 vs Winner 1Felix Houphouet Boigny Stadium
Q2Feb 23:00 pmWinner 4 vs Winner 3Alassane Ouattara Stadium
Q3Feb 312:00 pmWinner 7 vs Winner 6Stade de la Paix
Q4Feb 33:00 pmWinner 5 vs Winner 8Charles Konan Banny Stadium


MatchDateTime (ET)TeamsStadium
S1Feb 712:00 pmWinner Q1 vs Winner Q4Stade de la Paix
S2Feb 73:00 pmWinner Q3 vs Winner Q2Alassane Ouattara Stadium

Third place play-off

DateTime (ET)TeamsStadium
Feb 103:00 pmLoser S1 vs Loser S2Felix Houphouet Boigny Stadium


DateTime (ET)TeamsStadium
Feb 113:00 pmWinner S1 vs Winner S2Alassane Ouattara Stadium

Streaming and TVs to enjoy AFCON

If you’re getting ready to dive into the excitement of AFCON, you need to know where you can tune in to all the games. Fubo and Sling TV are the guys you need to know. They have your back when it comes to getting these matches to you, no matter what device you’re using. But before I get into the details, let me take a quick look at the devices you can use so you don’t miss anything.

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First, we have the classic Amazon FireTV and Apple TV. Nothing like a good old FireTV to take the experience to the next level. But if you’re on the Apple team, rest assured, Apple TV is also in the game.

What about Google fans? Well, Chromecast and GoogleTV are ready to make your day.

Streaming and TVs to enjoy AFCON
Image: Telecom Asia

If you’re more of a mobile type, both Android and iOS have you covered. And if you prefer the big screen, LG and Samsung Smart TVs are your best friends.

For gamers, Xbox One is the right choice.

Now here’s the interesting detail: Fubo hits the table with its additional support for Hisense and VIZIO smart TVs. Meanwhile, Sling TV shows it’s versatile, with compatibility for AirTV, Google Nest, Oculus, Facebook Portal, TiVo Stream, and Xfinity devices.

beIN Sports Connect

But wait, there’s more. If you’re a beIN Sports Connect devotee, you might have to check out Fubo, as it’s king when it comes to support.

Sling TV also lends a helping hand, but with some limitations – so choose where you subscribe wisely.


As AFCON continues to captivate audiences worldwide, the accessibility provided by streaming services has transformed the viewing experience.

Whether you’re a fervent supporter or a casual enthusiast, the thrill of African football awaits, just a few clicks away.

So don’t miss out on the exhilarating action of AFCON 2024—watch online without cable and immerse yourself in the spectacle of African football.