How to Watch College Lacrosse 2024: Game Calendar and Top Streaming Options!

How to Watch College Lacrosse 2024: Game Calendar and Top Streaming Options!



College lacrosse enthusiasts, rejoice! The 2024 season promises to be an exhilarating journey filled with fierce competition, jaw-dropping plays, and unforgettable moments.

To ensure you never miss a second of the action, we’ve compiled the ultimate guide to the college lacrosse TV schedule. From televised matchups to streaming options, we’ve got you covered.


So grab your popcorn, settle into your favorite spot, and get ready to witness lacrosse greatness unfold before your eyes.

Understanding the Schedule

The college lacrosse TV schedule for the 2024 season is packed with thrilling matchups featuring top teams from across the nation. Whether you’re a fan of men’s lacrosse or women’s lacrosse, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Let’s dive into the details:


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How to Watch and Stream

Thanks to advancements in technology, watching college lacrosse has never been easier. Whether you prefer to watch on your TV, computer, or mobile device, there are plenty of options available.

Streaming Services

The majority of college lacrosse matches are available to stream through popular services such as ESPN+, Big Ten Plus, and FloSports.

With affordable monthly subscriptions, fans can access live games, replays, and exclusive content from the comfort of their own home.

  • ESPN+: For just $10.99 per month, ESPN+ offers a wide range of college lacrosse matchups, making it a must-have for any die-hard fan.
  • Big Ten Plus: Stay up to date with Big Ten lacrosse action by subscribing to Big Ten Plus, which features live streams of select games.
  • FloSports: With FloSports, fans can enjoy live coverage of college lacrosse games as well as other sports events, all for a reasonable monthly fee.
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Linear Television

If you prefer to watch games on traditional television channels, fear not! Many matchups are broadcast on channels like ESPN, ESPN2, and BTN.

Plus, with streaming providers like DIRECTV STREAM, Fubo, YouTube TV, and Hulu + Live TV, you can enjoy the convenience of watching on your preferred platform.

Men’s Regular Season

The men’s regular season is set to deliver an abundance of excitement, with games scheduled throughout the week. From showdowns between traditional powerhouses to clashes between rising stars, every game has the potential to leave fans on the edge of their seats.

Here are some key highlights from the men’s schedule:

  • Towson vs. Johns Hopkins (ESPNU) – Kicking off the action-packed schedule is a battle between Towson and Johns Hopkins, airing on ESPNU.
  • Manhattan vs. Syracuse (ACCNX) – Witness the intensity as Manhattan takes on Syracuse in a matchup airing on ACCNX.
  • Rutgers vs. Stony Brook (FloSports) – Catch the action live on FloSports as Rutgers goes head-to-head with Stony Brook.

And that’s just the beginning! With matchups scheduled throughout February and March, fans can expect non-stop lacrosse action leading up to the playoffs.

Women’s Regular Season

In addition to the men’s schedule, the women’s regular season promises its fair share of thrilling moments. From fast-paced gameplay to nail-biting finishes, every game is sure to keep fans entertained.

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2024 College lacrosse game schedule

Stay updated on all the thrilling action of college lacrosse with the comprehensive TV schedule below. Check out the upcoming games and mark your calendar to ensure you never miss a moment of the excitement!

Friday, Feb 94:00pmManhattan vs. SyracuseACCNX
Saturday, Feb 1011:00amRutgers vs. Stony BrookFloSports
Saturday, Feb 1011:00amLafayette vs. DelawareFloSports
Saturday, Feb 1011:00amHoly Cross vs. UMass LowellESPN+
Saturday, Feb 1011:00amLehigh vs. FairfieldFloSports
Saturday, Feb 1011:00amLong Island vs. MonmouthFloSports
Saturday, Feb 1012:00pmLoyola (MD) vs. MarylandB1G+
Saturday, Feb 1012:00pmHofstra vs. NavyESPN+
Saturday, Feb 1012:00pmMichigan vs. VirginiaACCN
Saturday, Feb 1012:00pmCleveland State vs. Ohio StateB1G+
Saturday, Feb 1012:00pmBucknell vs. MaristESPN+
Saturday, Feb 1012:00pmVermont vs. Boston UniversityESPN+
Saturday, Feb 1012:00pmVillanova vs. Penn StateB1G+
Saturday, Feb 1012:00pmUMass vs. ArmyESPN+
Saturday, Feb 101:00pmQuinnipiac vs. St. John’sESPN+
Saturday, Feb 101:00pmJacksonville vs. MaristESPN+
Saturday, Feb 102:00pmDuke vs. High PointESPN+
Saturday, Feb 103:00pmMount St. Mary’s vs. TowsonFloSports
Tuesday, Feb 134:00pmBellarmine vs. Ohio StateB1G+
Tuesday, Feb 134:00pmCanisius vs. MichiganB1G+
Tuesday, Feb 135:00pmSt. John’s vs. HofstraFloSports
Wednesday, Feb 146:00pmCleveland State vs. Notre DameACCNX
Friday, Feb 164:00pmBryant vs. Boston UniversityESPN+
Friday, Feb 166:00pmVMI vs. High PointESPN+
Saturday, Feb 1711:00amSiena vs. HofstraFloSports
Saturday, Feb 1711:00amPenn St vs. Stony BrookFloSports
Saturday, Feb 1711:00amPrinceton vs. MonmouthFloSports
Saturday, Feb 1711:00amNavy vs. TowsonFloSports
Saturday, Feb 1712:00pmDartmouth vs. BucknellESPN+
Saturday, Feb 1712:00pmSaint Joseph’s vs. DukeACCNX
Saturday, Feb 1712:00pmHampton vs. LafayetteESPN+
Saturday, Feb 1712:00pmSacred Heart vs. Holy CrossESPN+
Saturday, Feb 171:00pmColgate vs. AlbanyESPN+
Saturday, Feb 171:00pmLoyola (MD) vs. Johns HopkinsESPN+
Saturday, Feb 171:00pmVirginia vs. RichmondESPN+
Saturday, Feb 171:00pmArmy vs. RutgersB1G+
Saturday, Feb 171:00pmDelaware vs. St. John’sESPN+
Saturday, Feb 171:00pmOhio State vs. Air ForceESPN+
Saturday, Feb 173:00pmHobart vs. MichiganB1G+
Saturday, Feb 173:00pmUMass Lowell vs. UMassESPN+
Saturday, Feb 173:30pmVillanova vs. YaleESPN+
Saturday, Feb 173:30pmLehigh vs. CornellESPN+
Saturday, Feb 176:00pmMaryland vs. SyracuseESPNU
Sunday, Feb 181:00pmHigh Point vs. QueensESPN+
Tuesday, Feb 203:00pmVMI vs. HamptonFloSports
Tuesday, Feb 203:00pmMarist vs. UMassESPN+
Tuesday, Feb 206:00pmManhattan vs. PrincetonESPN+
Tuesday, Feb 207:30pmDrexel vs. LafayetteESPN+
Wednesday, Feb 217:00pmMonmouth vs. NJITESPN+
Wednesday, Feb 217:00pmFairfield vs. Sacred HeartESPN+
Friday, Feb 234:00pmTowson vs. Saint Joseph’sESPN+
Friday, Feb 236:00pmJacksonville vs. DukeACCNX
Saturday, Feb 2411:00amUAlbany vs. DrexelFloSports
Saturday, Feb 2412:00pmMercer vs. ArmyESPN+
Saturday, Feb 2412:00pmSt. John’s vs. RichmondESPN+
Saturday, Feb 2412:00pmPenn State vs. NavyESPN+
Saturday, Feb 2412:00pmBinghamton vs. LafayetteESPN+
Saturday, Feb 241:00pmMerrimack vs. UMassESPN+
Saturday, Feb 241:00pmRutgers vs. Loyola MarylandESPN+
Saturday, Feb 242:00pmStony Brook vs. Air ForceESPN+
Saturday, Feb 242:00pmMarist vs. HofstraFloSports
Saturday, Feb 245:00pmSouth Carolina vs. LibertyESPN+
Saturday, Feb 247:00pmMichigan vs. MarquetteB1G+
Sunday, Feb 2512:00pmLeMoyne vs. Sacred HeartESPN+
Sunday, Feb 251:00pmOhio State vs. VirginiaACCNX
Sunday, Feb 252:00pmGeorgetown vs. Notre DameESPNU
Tuesday, Feb 271:30pmWagner vs. MonmouthFloSports
Tuesday, Feb 272:00pmBellarmine vs. HamptonFloSports
Tuesday, Feb 276:00pmTowson vs. Loyola MarylandESPN+
Tuesday, Feb 277:00pmMerrimack vs. HarvardESPN+
Tuesday, Feb 277:00pmMichigan vs. JacksonvilleESPN+
Wednesday, Feb 284:00pmSt. John’s vs. QueensESPN+
Wednesday, Feb 286:00pmArmy vs. SyracuseACCNX
Friday, Mar 16:00pmPennsylvania vs. DukeACCN
Friday, Mar 18:00pmPrinceton vs. North CarolinaACCN
Saturday, Mar 210:30amMount St. Mary’s vs. MonmouthFloSports
Saturday, Mar 211:00amUMBC vs. TowsonFloSports
Saturday, Mar 211:00amMichigan vs. DelawareFloSports
Saturday, Mar 211:00amSacred Heart vs. DrexelFloSports
Saturday, Mar 212:00pmHampton vs. Stony BrookFloSports
Saturday, Mar 21:00pmJohns Hopkins vs. VirginiaACCN
Sunday, Mar 312:00pmMaryland vs. Notre DameESPNU
Sunday, Mar 312:00pmMaryland vs. Notre DameESPNU
Tuesday, Mar 54:00pmVillanova vs. DrexelFloSports
Saturday, Mar 910:00amDelaware vs. MonmouthFloSports
Saturday, Mar 911:00amVirginia vs. TowsonFloSports
Saturday, Mar 911:00amProvidence vs. Stony BrookFloSports
Saturday, Mar 912:00pmNorth Carolina vs. HofstraFloSports
Saturday, Mar 96:30pmSyracuse vs. Johns HopkinsESPN+
Tuesday, Mar 122:00pmHigh Point vs. HamptonFloSports
Friday, Mar 157:00pmNavy vs. Johns HopkinsESPN+
Saturday, Mar 1611:00amNorth Carolina vs. Stony BrookFloSports
Saturday, Mar 1611:00amTowson vs. DrexelFloSports
Saturday, Mar 1611:00amMonmouth vs. VillanovaFloSports
Saturday, Mar 162:00pmtbd vs. tbdACCN
Saturday, Mar 162:00pmMichigan vs. Notre DameACCN
Sunday, Mar 172:00pmCornell vs. PrincetonESPNU
Sunday, Mar 172:00pmCornell vs. PrincetonESPNU
Saturday, Mar 2311:00amMonmouth vs. Stony BrookFloSports
Saturday, Mar 2311:00amHofstra vs. DelawareFloSports
Monday, Mar 252:00pmDrexel vs. HamptonFloSports
Saturday, Mar 3011:00amDelaware vs. HamptonFloSports
Saturday, Mar 3011:00amStony Brook vs. TowsonFloSports
Saturday, Mar 3012:00pmMonmouth vs. HofstraFloSports
Saturday, Mar 3012:00pmFairfield vs. DrexelFloSports
Saturday, Mar 3012:00pmMichigan vs. Johns HopkinsESPNU
Saturday, Mar 302:00pmSyracuse vs. Notre DameACCN
Saturday, Mar 302:00pmSyracuse vs. Notre DameACCN
Saturday, Apr 611:00amHampton vs. MonmouthFloSports
Saturday, Apr 611:00amHofstra vs. TowsonFloSports
Saturday, Apr 612:00pmNorth Carolina vs. VirginiaESPNU
Saturday, Apr 62:00pmPenn State vs. Johns HopkinsESPNU
Saturday, Apr 62:30pmDrexel vs. Stony BrookFloSports
Sunday, Apr 712:00pmNotre Dame vs. DukeACCN
Wednesday, Apr 108:00pmSiena vs. MaristESPNU
Saturday, Apr 1311:00amFairfield vs. MonmouthFloSports
Saturday, Apr 1311:00amStony Brook vs. DelawareFloSports
Saturday, Apr 1311:00amTowson vs. HamptonFloSports
Saturday, Apr 1312:00pmDrexel vs. HofstraFloSports
Sunday, Apr 142:00pmVirginia vs. DukeACCN
Tuesday, Apr 166:00pmYale vs. HofstraFloSports
Saturday, Apr 2011:00amMonmouth vs. TowsonFloSports
Saturday, Apr 2011:30amNorth Carolina vs. Notre DameACCN
Saturday, Apr 2012:00pmDelaware vs. DrexelFloSports
Saturday, Apr 2012:00pmHampton vs. HofstraFloSports
Saturday, Apr 202:00pmVirginia vs. SyracuseESPNU
Saturday, Apr 204:00pmMaryland vs. Johns HopkinsESPNU
Friday, Apr 266:00pmTowson vs. DelawareFloSports
Saturday, Apr 2711:00amFairfield vs. HamptonFloSports
Saturday, Apr 2711:00amHofstra vs. Stony BrookFloSports
Saturday, Apr 2712:00pmDuke vs. North CarolinaACCN
Saturday, Apr 272:00pmNotre Dame vs. VirginiaESPNU
Saturday, Apr 272:00pmDrexel vs. MonmouthFloSports
Friday, May 35:00pmACC Championship Semifinal #1ACCN
Friday, May 36:00pmIvy League Championship Semifinal #1ESPNU
Friday, May 38:00pmACC Championship Semifinal #2ACCN
Friday, May 38:30pmIvy League Championship Semifinal #2ESPNU
Saturday, May 411:00amMAAC ChampionshipESPNU
Saturday, May 43:00pmAmerica East ChampionshipESPNU
Sunday, May 512:00pmIvy League ChampionshipESPNU
Sunday, May 512:00pmACC ChampionshipACCN


The 2024 college lacrosse season is shaping up to be one for the ages, and with the comprehensive TV schedule and streaming options available, fans can immerse themselves in the excitement like never before.

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Whether you’re cheering on your alma mater or simply appreciate the sport’s athleticism and intensity, there’s something special about watching lacrosse at the collegiate level.

So mark your calendars, set your reminders, and get ready to experience the thrill of college lacrosse unfold before your eyes. With the right streaming service or cable provider, you’ll never have to miss a moment of the action. Let the games begin!